Spider-Man Kiss Off: Which On-Screen Couple Had Best Spidey Smooch? (POLL)

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Spider-Man Kiss
Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield kiss on set!
'Spider' Teaser Poster!
Take a look at the tease!
Look out Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, there’s a new Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson.

While Tobey, 36, and Kirsten, 30, captured our hearts in 2002 with their upside down kiss, real-life couple Emma Stone, 23, and Andrew Garfield, 28, are absolutely adorable in the upcoming trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man, hitting theaters this summer, July 3.

Though it’s hard to compete with the Spider-Man/Mary Jane smooch, there’s is a bit of competition with the new cast.

Check out both kisses below and let us know which kiss is your fave in the comments! Cast your vote!

First up, Tobey and Kirsten:

Now for the newbies, Emma and Andrew: