Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio & More Celebrity Mama’s Boys (PHOTOS)

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Being referred to as a “mama’s boy” may sound off-putting in some instances, yet very sweet in others. These celebs have exhibited the latter as they’ve showcased a tremendous love for their supportive mothers — making hearts melt!

Justin Bieber and Leonardo DiCaprio are a few of our favorite celebrities who have no shame being in the Mama’s Boy category.

You may be surprised by some other celebs who can be found in there with them! With Mother’s Day coming up (May 13) we thought it would be the perfect time to round them up for your viewing pleasure.

Check out our gallery to meet the secretive and not-so secretive Mama’s Boys:

Biebs is a major mom supporter. Justin’s mom, Pattie, helped jump start his singing career when he first exploded on YouTube. She even setup his YouTube page for him, filled with videos of Justin singing. It’s safe to say the Biebs loves his mom and vice versa!

Biebs is not the only celeb who has been vocal about his amazing mum.  Leonardo DiCapriohas revealed that he will only buy a diamond ring for one lady. Any guesses as to who the Great Gatsby star will buy a ring for?!

Click through the gallery above for the answer and to see what other celebrity Mama’s Boys are saying about their  mums!

What are you getting your mom this Mother’s Day? Tell us in the comments below!

How some stars spent Mother’s Day:

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