Plastic Surgeon on Jenelle Evans: She’s Risking Scar Development, Discoloration & Infection

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'Teen Mom' Bikini's
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Although Teen MomJenelle Evans was excited to show off her new figure, Celebuzz expert and board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Gabriel Chiu of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery says she needs to take it down a notch and get into recovery mode!

Just last week, Jenelle went in for breast augmentation. It was obvious she was enthusiastic about the procedure — the 20-year-old took to her Twitter to document the day as she went from pre-op to recovery. Days later, she decided to show off the work by hitting the beach in a pink bikini.

Although she claimed her docs said she could wear a regular bra, our expert says the exertion could be harmful:

Is it safe to be running around right after a major surgery like that?
Safe is a relative term. Can she do it? Obviously, since she is. Is it advised to be frolicking at the beach a week after any major cosmetic surgery? I don’t know of a single plastic surgeon who would be okay with this activity, let alone encourage it. She increases her risk of complications, especially infection, scar formation, and discoloration.

What is the normal down time and recovery period?
Every surgeon varies a little bit, based on experience, amount of surgery, and knowing your patient (activity level, tolerance, how well they follow instructions). Most surgeons don’t recommend this much sun exposure for a couple months to prevent scar development and discoloration. While most patients can go back to work in 3-4 days, swimming or playing in water is discouraged until the incisions are completely closed and healed, to prevent infection.

She seems to be looking for attention. Is this a factor for many people to get surgery?
Many patients get surgery to feel better about themselves. Most women just want to look as feminine as they feel. Sometimes it’s simply to fit better in clothes and can depend on the current styles. Other times, plastic surgery is used to correct a physical or cosmetic problem. While almost everyone likes positive attention, those who are only looking for attention may get into a cycle that is not only unhealthy, but dangerous and may eventually need help.

While some flaunt their surgery, other celebs have made a statement that they’re all natural — and plan to stay that way!