Readers Respond to Bristol Palin Bashing Obama’s Support of Gay Marriage

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Bristol Palin wasn’t exactly shy about admitting her thoughts on President Obama‘s backing of gay marriage, but it seems that not everyone agress with her viewpoint.

In a blog post, the 21-year-old single mother said, “we know that in general kids do better growing up in a mother/father home. Ideally, fathers help shape their kids’ worldview.” Bristol, who is the daughter of former Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin, had a son at the age of 17, with her then-boyfriend Levi Johnston. The two had a very rocky relationship, but ultimately broke up after trying to make things work, and the two do not parent their 3-year-old son Tripp together.

Celebuzz took the debate to our Facebook page, where some agreed with her viewpoints, but many called Bristol out on the idea of a child growing up in a two parent home, when she is a single mother herself.

Joey W. III said: The girl who had a child out of wedlock? Glass houses …

Lisa Burnett R. said: HER kid doesn’t live in a mother/father home. I am so sick of hypocrites.

Bridgette L. said: if kids do better in a home with a mother and father then shes saying her kid is screwed cus her baby daddy dont want nothing to do with her! Raising kids isnt about a mommy and daddy its about ppl who love that child no matter what gender!!!! Marriage equality for all!!!!!!!!

Bobbie G. said: Kids do better in a mother/father home?? Yeah Bristol that’s why you’re a teen mom! Oops! What happened there, mommy and daddy didn’t raise you right? Just saying.

Fiona T. said: Cannot believe a 21 year old woman thinks like that in this day and age. What a horror.

Colleen L. said: kids r better with parents who love them and it doesnt matter if its 2 mums, 2 dads or a mum and a dad as long as they get love x

Niki G. said: wow, because she is so high and mighty getting knocked up outside of wedlock and getting divorced at her age. Hypocrite indeed. (btw, i have nothing against anyone having children outside of wedlock, but it’s people like her I do have a problem with)

Chrisii A. said: honestly i agree with her but dude someone else should’ve said it like someone who didn’t have a child out of wedlock this just makes her look hypocritical

Dana S. said: I honestly don’t get why people have such a problem with this. Children should be in a loving home wether its Man and man, Woman and Woman, or Man and woman. Regardless of the gender of both parents, the right way to raise a child is to give it love and care.

Heather Marie B. said: i may not have voted for obama but i do agree with that. you know same sex marriages can be just as great of bein parents an non same sex marriages. an its good to see a lot of ppl on here not to stick up for her. she does have room to talk!

What do you think? Keep the debate going in the comments!

See Obama talk gay marriage on ‘The View’:

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