Zooey Deschanel to Play Country Singer Loretta Lynn in New Broadway Musical

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Rachel B. vs. Zooey D.
It's a quirky style showdown!
She plays a new girl on TV. Now, Zooey Deschanel is about to be the newest girl on Broadway!

The star of FOX’s hit series New Girl will join the Great White Way in the upcoming staging of Coal Miner’s Daughter, in which she will play country singer Loretta Lynn.

The news was confirmed last night at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, TN where Loretta brought Zooey out for a special performance.

What did Zooey have to say about the casting?

In a statement (via The Hollywood Reporter), the 77-year-old singer praised the casting, saying:

“It’s a long way from Butcher Holler to Broadway in New York City. I never imagined I’d see Coal Miner’s Daughter on a movie screen, and now I can’t believe it’s going to be on a stage for people to see. I’m going to be right there in the front row. And I know Zooey is going to be great – she sings and writes her own songs just like I do, and we even have the same color eyes!”

“Loretta Lynn and her music have been inspirations for me for as long as I can remember,” added Deschanel, who has sang in movies, television and on studio albums with M. Ward. “She is a true legend and to be chosen to play such an iconic woman is a dream come true.”

No date has been set for the musical, though reports indicate that it will not conflict with filming of New Girl, which was recently renewed by FOX for a second season.

In the meantime, Zooey has pretty big shoes to fill. In addition to playing Loretta live on Broadway, she’ll have to live up to Sissy Spacek‘s iconic performance in the 1980 movie of the same name, for which she received a Best Actress Oscar.

Have a listen to Zooey, Loretta and Sissy performing below, then tell us: Do you think Zooey is the right actress to play the part?

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