Better With Age: Michelle Pfeiffer Still Stunning At 54 (PHOTOS)

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Better With Age!
These hot men are timeless
Some women just have all the luck.

Among those women: Michelle Pfeiffer, who, at 54, looks just as good as (if not better than) she did when she first became popular on the big screen, back in the early ’80s.

Pfeiffer is still fabulous!

This week, the three-time Oscar nominee (how did she not win for The Fabulous Baker Boys?!) proved her genes are better than ever as she stepped out to promote her new movie, Dark Shadows (in theaters now).

The film marks her first collaboration with Batman Returns director Tim Burton in 20 years (!). Clearly, she’s shown no signs of aging in those two decades!

What do you think of Michelle’s modern-day look? Check it out now, as compared to a photo of her from 1989, then relive her sexy performance in The Fabulous Baker Boys in the video, below!