Adam Lambert Praises President Obama’s Support of Same-Sex Marriage — But Isn’t Ready to Get Married Yet (EXCLUSIVE)

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American Idol alumAdam Lambert, who publicly came out as gay, in 2009, is praising President Barack Obama for taking a stand in support of marriage equality.

“It’s fantastic. It’s a big step, and a great example that he’s setting,” the Grammy-nominated artist, 30, told Celebuzz on Monday, before his performance at the MLB Fan Cave, in New York.  The subject has been near and dear to Adam, who wrote a pro-same-sex marriage song called “Outlaws of Law” for his sophomore album Trespassing, out May 15. Explaining the “vulnerable” tune, the Idol alum tells us:

“Last year, when I wrote it, there was a lot of movement for equal rights. It feels like we’re on the run because of who we’re in love with. It’s so freaking ridiculous. There are far more important things we should be concerned about in this country than who someone is sleeping with. Who gives a sh–? if someone wants to get married, why is it anyone’s business? I just don’t understand why everyone is so involved in fighting against gay marriage.”

Chatting about his future, Adam even opened up about whether there will be wedding bells for he and his current boyfriend, Sauli Koskinen.

Although Adam is currently in a committed relationship with the Finnish reality star, the “Never Close Our Eyes” singer isn’t ready to tie the knot just yet.

“I’m not considering marriage right now. When I’m ready, maybe someday I’d get married,” he said.  “Right now, I’m really enjoying being in a relationship. I’m very much in love. It’s great.”

Last Wednesday, in an exclusive interview with ABC News, Obama revealed that his opinions on same-sex marriage had evolved over the last several years, to the point where he now fully supports the controversial social issue.

Stay tuned for Part ll of Celebuzz’s interview with Adam Lambert and listen to his song “Outlaws of Love” below.