How-To Get That Perfect Bikini Butt! Celebuzz Fitness Expert Breaks Down Top Exercises (VIDEO)

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Bikini Bods 2012!
The best celebrity bikinis of far.
Celebrities are people too, just really, really good looking ones. This summer, expect to see these fine figures littering the beaches, flaunting perfect bikini bodies — including those enviable backsides.

Truth be told, they don’t have to be the only ones.

Mere mortals can achieve this with the right training — so Celebuzz fitness expert and Cycle House instructor¬†Nick Hounslow is on hand to reveal his tips and tricks to get your butt in gear this season — literally!

What are the secrets to a refined behind?

“Spinning is an amazing workout,” he says. “It hits the butt, abs and thighs.”

He also uses weights to change things up.

“Ladies, don’t be afraid to lift heavy,” he adds. “The heavier the weight you do, the less reps you do, so you’re going to be done quicker.”

He does warn that using weights will make the muscles denser, which means while the waistline may shrink, the scale could go up. “Those muscle fibers need energy, therefore you burn more calories while you sleep.”

Watch the video to see specific exercises to build a high and tight bikini butt!