Look Out! LeAnn Rimes Has Got a Gun! (PHOTOS)

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LeAnn's Sexy Suits
Check out LeAnn Rimes' bikini body!
Lest you forget that LeAnn Rimesis a country crooner, she reminded her Twitter followers of her Southern roots when she posted pics of herself at the gun range on Thursday.

Eddie Cibrian‘s wife, 29, shot a M4 gun and captioned one her pics with the simple explanation: “Bang Bang.”

We couldn’t help but wonder what 29-year-old LeAnn’s arch rival Brandi Glanville — the ex-wife of her husband Eddie Cibrianwill think of these images, especially given she threatened to “kill” the singer in an interview last week.

Brandi later tried to defuse the controversial statements, telling E!, “Every mother has those protective mother-bear feelings, but I obviously didn’t want to kill her. It was a figure of speech.”

What do you think? Will LeAnn and Brandi ever get along?

Watch LeAnn work out in heels here:

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