Marc Anthony Could Be Headed For More Heartbreak by Dating Jennifer Lopez Lookalike: Psychologist

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No, you’re not seeing double.

Marc Anthony has moved on with 24-year-old model Shannon De Lima, who looks quite a bit like his estranged ex, 42-year-old American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

The Puerto Rican singer, 42, stepped out with his new girlfriend in support of the 27th Annual Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Sports Spectacular event in Century City, Calif., on Sunday night.

Celebuzz spoke to relationship expert and psychologist, Rachel A. Sussman, the author of The Breakup Bible, who said that if the father-of-five’s motive was to get back at his ex, he could be in for a bigger heartbreak than before!

“It is very common to seek out similar mates,” she said of Lopez and De Lima’s striking similarities.

“Many of us have a ‘type’ and that is normal. Sometimes types are very healthy; other times they can be more complicated.”

A healthy example would be emulating a great relationship and dating “someone who resembles them physically or has a similar characteristics, like humor, intellectual curiosity, compassion,” Sussman added.

Unhealthy types might be repeating patterns from childhood such as “mom or dad didn’t pay attention, so [they] like the wild non-commital type with the hopes they can tame them, thinking it will make them feel better about themselves,” she said.

Overall, the lookalike factor is typical.

Sussman said she is more concerned with the nearly 20-year age difference and any possibility that he may be dating younger to get back at JLo, who herself is dating a younger suitor — 25-year old backup dancer Casper Smart!

“Big age differences can often be problematic,” she said.

“Do people date to get back at someone? Unfortunately it does happen. But its too bad, because you really may end up with a bad outcome — and a second painful or embarrassing breakup can be worse than the first.”

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