David Hasselhoff on Infamous Cheeseburger Video: ‘It Got Me Off My Ass’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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The Hoff is back — just in time to save the topless hotties from becoming fish food in his new movie, Piranha 3DD. Or not.

David Hasselhoff, 59, parodies his swaggering tan persona — Mitch Buchannon from Baywatch — in the new movie (out June 1) as he makes a guest appearance at the opening of a water park that is about to become a buffet for prehistoric fish.

As the carnage plays out around him, the Hoff’s character ponders decisions that have led him to such a career low.

What did he reveal?

“If you keep worrying about things and taking life seriously, that’s when you realize you’re going to have problems,” Hasselhoff told Celebuzz in a recent interview. “God, I’m still living down a cheeseburger tape that was actually a private moment between me and my daughter.”

Of course, he’s referring to the infamous 2007 video shot by his daughter, Taylor-Ann. In it, the Hoff, shirtless and allegedly drunk on the floor of a Vegas hotel room, attempts to eat a cheeseburger.

For Hasselhoff, the incident served a purpose. “It got me off my ass. Six weeks later, I got custody of my kids,” he said. “Thank God for these moments in my life that I think are tragic and crazy. Then I laugh about them later.”

Up until the incident, Hasselhoff had enjoyed a good relationship with the media; however, since then, he says he’s gained a new perspective on the limelight.

“It drew the line in the sand and I said, ‘If this is how we’re going to play this game, then I’m going to play this game and I’m going to win this game,” he recalled. “And I won my daughters in six weeks — full custody — because it was wrong, what happened.”

Comedians had a field day with the incident, including Chelsea Handler, who hosted him on her show, Chelsea Lately, airing May 29.

“She’s been making fun of me for seven years and I went on and brought her roses and said, ‘Hey, I’m one of your biggest fans,” he laughed, adding, “It’s show business, it isn’t about cancer.”

In addition to Piranha 3DD, the 59-year-old actor can be seen in a new video for the pop group, Train, and a Lifetime Channel movie, The Christmas Consultant, with Caroline Rhea.

“I just go with the flow,” he said. “Sometimes I just get on the Hoff train and we ride.”