Stylist Jeannie Mai on Rihanna’s Risque Style: ‘Let Her Be Her’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Rihanna's Bikini Moments
The sexy singer loves skimpy swimswear!
It’s no secret that celebs like Rihanna and Miley Cyrus like to show skin, but what are Hollywood fashion experts saying about their scantily clad styles?

Celebuzz caught up with Jeannie Mai, who has dished out her expertise on show’s such as NBC’s Fashion Star and most recently Style Network’s Fashion Mob, and got her thoughts on their (many) barely-there outfits.

So, does Jeannie think they’re committing fashion crimes by flaunting so much skin?

Not at all!

The 19-year-old “Can’t Be Tamed” singer isn’t shy when it comes to showing off not only cleavage, but side boob as well, and Jeannie told us:

“I say you have to dress for the occasion. It has to be appropriate. I don’t think you need to see more than you have to. [Personally] I want to be respectful.”

When it comes to 24-year-old RiRi’s personal style, Jeannie dished:

“Whether she’s running errands or swimming in Barabados, that’s different. Let her be her. She’s a performer, and she’s an artist, that’s very different from a fashion expert. We have different rules. So I like her to celebrate her style, but I do think your privates should be just that.”

On Wednesday night, Rihanna donned a skimpy black outfit as she performed on the American Idol finale. Watch the video below!

Do you agree with Jeannie? Or do you think these ladies should cover up? Play fashion critic in the comments, and be sure to tune into Jeannie’s Style show, Fashion Mob, when it premiere on Monday May 28 at 8PM.