Kathie Lee Gifford’s Embarrassing Gaffe During Martin Short’s ‘Today Show’ Interview (VIDEO)

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Katie Lee Gifford committed a major faux paus on the fourth hour of TODAY on Wednesday.

The 58-year-old talk show veteran was interviewing actor Martin Short, who was in the New York studio promoting his voice over role in the upcoming animated film Madagascar 3.

Gifford quizzed Short, 62, about his marriage to wife Nancy Dolman.

But therein lies the embarrassing blunder: Short’s wife died of ovarian cancer over a year and a half ago, which Gifford clearly didn’t realize and nor did he correct.

To see Gifford’s embarrassing slip-up, watch the video above.

However, once the host realized her error during a commercial break, she apologized to the Father of the Bride actor, saying:

“Martin just told me as he was leaving, he said ‘Kathie you probably didn’t know,’ but his beautiful, precious wife Nancy died pass away a year and a half ago. I feel so badly.”

Check out the full apology below.

This isn’t the first time a journalist has made a mistake like this.

In late 2009, while promoting his film The Lovely Bones, actor Stanley Tucci visited The View and revealed that his wife had read the book which the film was adapted from.

She didn’t want him to be in it, he told the show’s hosts.

Elisabeth Hasslebeck then asked if his wife had seen the film, not realizing that his wife had passed away that spring.

Hasslebeck called Tucci and apologized, with the 51-year-old star later admitting that he accepted her apology.