Kathie Lee Gifford’s Five Outrageous TV Moments on ‘TODAY’ (VIDEOS)

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On Wednesday, Kathie Lee Giffordmade an on-air gaffe when she asked guest Martin Short about his 36-year marriage to his wife, Nancy Dolman, without realizing that Dolman had died of ovarian cancer, in 2010.

The misstep was quickly swept under the rug; Short answered Gifford’s questions politely, and Gifford apologized shortly after a commercial break when she realized she had made a mistake.

Still, this being the age of the Internet, the video clip quickly went viral, to the point where everyone, including Celebuzz, got in on the conversation.

Today, we got to thinking about all of Kathie Lee’s outrageous moments since she and co-host Hoda Kotb joined the fourth hour of TODAY, in 2008, to find out if Gifford’s gaffe is really worth all the attention.

Granted, our research did not uncover anything as, um, interesting as the time she released a music video for the song ‘Love Never Fails,’ in 2000. (Seriously, what?)

However, we still found some classic — not to mention headline-grabbing — moments from her four-year stint in Studio 1A. Check them out below, then tell us: Which is your favorite outrageous moment from Kathie Lee Gifford on TODAY?

Sam the Cooking Guy
Proving there really is such a thing as too many cooks in the kitchen, this cooking segment from 2008 turned especially heated when Sam the Cooking Guy yelled at Hoda and Kathie Lee for talking too much while he was trying to explain his recipe. Naturally, Hoda and Kathie Lee fired back, and everything that subsequently followed seemed to indicate that Sam the Cooking guy’s days on TODAY were over. That is, until he returned for a follow-up segment many episodes later, during which Hoda and Kathie Lee finally got the last laugh.

Kathie Lee Does the Hula Hoop
On another episode of Tryday Friday, Kathie Lee took it upon herself to test out a hula hoop to see if she was any good. As it turns out, she was.

Kathie Lee’s Beer Hat Malfunction
Drinking has become a staple on the fourth hour of TODAY, thanks to such holidays as Wednesday Winesday. Well, Hoda and Kathie Lee’s drinking spilled over — quite literally — during a trip to Quebec, when the happy co-hosts decided to test their fate with beer hats. Hoda did a pretty decent job; Kathie Lee, however, had a bit more trouble. Watch below.

Kathie Lee Touches Hoda’s Legs
While Hoda was promoting a new line of Venus razors, Kathie Lee took it upon herself to check to see if the product actually worked. By that, we mean, she started caressing Kathie Lee’s legs for a good 20 seconds. Yes, there was tickling.

Kathie Lee and Hoda Have a Pillow Fight
In order to reshoot a promo for a pajama-themed episode of TODAY, Hoda and Kathie Lee had to get into a pillow fight live on the air. At some point, former TODAY show host Meredith Vieira got involved, and then things got kind of weird.