Flashback Friday: Watch Justin Bieber’s First Run In With A Glass Door! (VIDEO)

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Bieber or 1D?
Guess the lyrics!
Over the last several days, Justin Bieber has scuffled with paparazzi, caused a fan frenzy and knocked himself out running into a glass wall. Ouch!

This week wasn’t the fist time JB, 18, bumped into a glass door. It happened before in May of 2010. He smacked into a revolving door, which (un)lucky for him, was all caught on camera.

Sorry Biebs, Celebuzz couldn’t resist!

After having a pretty crappy week, we thought we’d give him a break by recalling some good times with his first YouTube video. A young Biebs is seen taking the stage at a local venue, where a home video captured the then unknown star singing live. See the clip below:

With his superstar status, it can be easy to forget he was discovered on the social video sharing site, where at age 11 he started posting videos of himself singing. His first video to reach over 1 million views was him covering an Usher song. The “Yeah” rapper eventually “discovered” him and signed to his label. And the rest is history!