Kim Kardashian — Fashion Friday: Vintage Vogue Covers (PHOTOS)

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Kim's Orange Bikini
Kim sports bright bikini in Mexico.
Kim Kardashian shared some of her favorite vintage covers of Vogue magazine on her blog.

I love looking back at vintage magazine covers, especially of fashion magazine’s likeVogue! It is SO interesting to see how not only fashions, but also women’s roles, have changed over time. On one Vogue cover from 1962 one of the subtitles reads: Fascinating woman’s clothes plan for a life centered around her own house (lol, can you imagine ifVogue was like that today!) and then another from the 1945 shows women what they should wear to the American Race Tracks. They just transport you back to a completely different time!!

A few of my favorite old covers are Cher’s from 1973, Audrey Hepburn’s from 1974 and of course Liz Taylor’s Paris Vogue cover from 1965. Such beauty icons!!

I hope you guys enjoy looking at these vintage covers I found. Do you have any favoriteVogue cover stars from the past? Xo