One Minute Buzz: Miley Cyrus Gets Engaged, Lindsay Lohan Has A Wardrobe Malfunction (VIDEO)

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Another week, another episode of One Minute Buzz, Celebuzz’s handy guide to the biggest celebrity news stories, in about 60 seconds!

What you’ll find in this week’s edition: news about Miley Cyrus’ big engagement to Liam Hemsworth, plus Lindsay Lohan’s big wardrobe malfunction on the set of her new TV movie, Liz and Dick.

That’s not all! After the jump, find out who just left the infamous Jersey Shore house.

It’s Snooki! The pregnant reality star-turned-author officially moved out this week. Not to worry, though: She’s taken up residence next door, and will still be a major part of the show.

In fact, MTV execs said an a recent interview that while Snooki may not be up to her partying ways this season, she’s “just as funny, if not funnier, than she’s ever been.”

Get the rundown on Miley, Lindsay and Snooki, plus news about Angelina Jolie and Cody Simpson, in our video now!