Big Time Rush’s Kendall Schmidt and Brother Kevin Talk Cover Song Collaboration (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Big Time Rush‘s Kendall Schmidt and his brother Kevin have been teasing fans on Twitter about a recent project they’ve been working on for quite some time, and now Celebuzz can finally reveal some more details.

CB correspondent Amanda Hasaka recently interviewed the bros, and they talked all about Kendall’s cover of Ed Sheeran‘s “A-Team,” which Kevin directed the video for.

While you still can’t see K and K’s cover song video itself — yet — you can watch them open up about what inspired the project, and whether or not they had any creative differences during the process.

When we asked about if they differed on anything when it came to shooting, Kevin, who has starred in films such as Cheaper By the Dozen, told us “It’s funny, he had another appointment he had to get to after [shooting] and I was like, ‘Kendall, let me put these lights up, trust me it’s going to work,’ and Kendall was like, ‘What’s taking so long?!'”

However, it looks like they were able to overcome their minor differences, as the brothers revealed that they were able to shoot it in just two takes.

While Kevin has been an actor for quite some time, it appears as though he’s caught the directing bug.  For more on what kind of project he has in the works, watch the video above.

In addition to Kendall’s cover music, BTR has been making new music, as well. Celebuzz had your first listen at the chorus of Nickelodeon’s popular boy band’s new single “Windows Down,” and we even talked to Kendall about the song’s music video. Watch below.

Stay tuned to Celebuzz when we’ll premiere Kendall and Kevin’s cover song soon!