Justin Bieber Performs for Thousands of Screaming Fans in Mexico City (PHOTOS)

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Now that’s power: Justin Bieber put together a free concert Monday night at the Zocalo square in Mexico City, which reportedly drew upwards of 300,000 attendees.

According to reports, even the 18-year-old singer was surprised by the concert’s massive turnout, telling the crowd, “Mexico City, there is a lot of people today! Every one of you is my biggest fan.”

He followed up with a few thoughts on Twitter, tweeting, “Everything about tonight was special. It is everything we stand for. A lot of emotions but it was worth it. 300,000 people. Te Amo MEXICO.”

According to the Associated Press, Bieber opened the concert with his smash hit, “Baby,” and continued to perform a number of his hits, including “Somebody to Love.”

The concert was opened by 3BallMTY and “Call Me Maybe” singer Carly Rae Jepsen.

Bieber’s concert comes just one month after Beatles legend Paul McCartney pulled a similar stunt, which drew 230,000.

But although that number may seem astronomical, it isn’t the largest audience ever to attend a concert.

Some of the bigger attractions in history include: Garth Brooks, whose Live in Central Park concert drew an estimated 750,000, in 1997; the New York Philharmonic, which attracted 800,000 attendees, in 1986; and Rod Stewart, who raked in a whopping 3.5 million concertgoers at the Copacabana Beach, in 1994.

Maybe next time, Bieber.

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