‘Necessary Roughness’ Sneak Peek: Dani Santino Faces Tough Times Ahead (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Just when you thought USA’s Necessary Roughness couldn’t get any rougher, there is a new player in town — and he means business.

Celebuzz has your first look at tonight’s episode in the clip, above.

What happens in the latest installment of the hit show?

Dr. Dani Santino, played by Golden Globe nominated Callie Thorne, faces the tough task of having to help star wide receiver Terrence “TK” King (True Blood‘s Mehcad Brooks) repair his damaged mind in the wake of last season’s shocking shooting.

Celebuzz has learned the character of Marshall Pittman, Sex and the City star Evan Handler, is becoming and even big player in the break out football hit that airs on the USA Network at 10pm, each Wednesday.

The good doctor, it seems, is going to have a lot more than the players’ problems on his hands.

In the teaser, Pittman makes it clear, he may be the owner of the New York Hawks but he isn’t into playing anyone’s games.

Exuding far more confidence than the character of Charlotte York’s husband in SATC, Pittman declares himself everyone’s new boss including Santino’s — or the “head shirker” — as he likes to call her.

“Marshal Pittman, owner of the New Hawks, and as of 11.16am this morning, the new general manger,” Pittman declares.

“Let’s go find my office shall we?”

The question really is can Dr. Santino find a way to use her skills to deal with her new boss?