‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’s’ Lauren Manzo Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Struggle; Says Teresa Guidice Is ‘Delusional’ (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lauren Manzo is revealing that her lap band surgery hasn’t helped her conquer her constant weight battle.

“A lot of people are telling me I took the easy way out, which I didn’t because I struggle every day still with the lap band,”  the Real Housewives of New Jersey star confessed in an exclusive interview with Celebuzz. “People tell me that I am lazy, but I am not lazy at all — I am in the gym every morning at 6:30 a.m. to 8: 30 a.m.”

Manzo, the 24-year-old daughter of Jersey housewife Caroline Manzo, said “her family was very supportive of her decision.”

“I think a lot of it was in my head that they weren’t,” she admitted. “I thought they were calling me fat even if they weren’t.”

Manzo has since lost 30 lbs. from her previous 185-pound frame, but how low is she planning to go?

“My goal weight is 115 to 120,” the reality star, who recently fit into size six pants, said.  “To be honest, I don’t ever remember weighing 120 on a scale. My whole life, I remember always being between 150 and 160. I have always been heavy like that.”

Today,  Manzo follows a very strict diet  — and suffers if she veers from it or doesn’t take small bites.

“I eat a lot of protein and vegetables. No salt, no sugar, no carbs and no fat. It really is not easy. If I take a big bite of anything — doesn’t matter what it is — I will probably end up throwing it up.”

Sticking to that diet isn’t always easy: The Manzos are known for their elaborate (and carb-heavy) Italian homecooked Sunday dinners. Still, Manzo has managed to bring some healthier options to the table.

“Now I cook healthy meals and my mom enjoys them with me,” she told Celebuzz. “In the winter, it’s the hardest because we have all the cheese and wine and the pasta, but now nobody wants that because it’s summer. We want to barbecue, so it is a little bit easier for me right now.”

As for the never-ending drama on Real Housewives, Manzo says she’s surprised at controversial housewife Teresa Giudice‘s most recent behavior.

“She really, truly believes her own lies,” Manzo dished, adding that Guidice has become “delusional” since the series’ first season.

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