Blake Lively Admits Filming ‘Savages’ Sex Scenes Was ‘Awkward’ and ‘Terrifying’

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Blake Lively stars in director Oliver Stone‘s new film Savages, and the blonde bombshell is definitely shedding her sweeter Gossip Girl image for the racy role.

Sex, rape, drugs, violence– Lively’s character “O” experiences it all in the movie — sometimes in graphic detail. At the Savages press conference in Los Angeles, Celebuzz discussed with the 24-year-old actress if she intimidated taking on the explicit subject matter.

“This movie was terrifying in so many ways– it’s so graphic, it’s so violent– and [my character] experiences such an arc,” Lively told Celebuzz. “It’s challenging as an actor and it’s also challenging as a person, you know?”

Blake shared concerns over her loved ones viewing the film…

“I’ve got a family, I’ve got nieces and nephews, and a young audience from [Gossip Girl]– that plays in too, elaborated Blake. “And you have a responsibility to your personal life, too.”

Continued Lively:

It was a really strange situation to be in– in making this movie. The most important thing all along was telling the truth, and telling the heart of the story. I think [my character] is very much a modern young girl. She comes form new money, living in Laguna Beach, her mom is off with her eight different husbands…and I think it really told a lot more of how a girl could end up this way.

In Savages, Lively’s character is in a committed and sexual relationship with two men, played by Taylor Kitsch and Aaron Johnson.

“She’s the modern girl,” Lively says of her character and because of that “love is so untraditional.”

“These are three people who don’t have a family, who are creating a family within each other,” continued Blake. “That’s what I was really drawn to in this story is all of the love– the love between my character and the boys, between the boys and each other, between my character and Salma [Hayek].”

Laughed Lively:

It was definitely really challenging because you know, you’re on a set with 40 people and the boys are standing there naked [laughs]. That’s always a little awkward!

Catch more from Celebuzz’s chat with Blake tomorrow! Watch the trailer for Savages below:

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