Mischa Barton Strips Down to Her Underwear For Noel Gallagher Music Video — Watch It Now (VIDEO)

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Mischa in a Bikini
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A few months ago, Mischa Barton, 26, was spotted running around the streets of Los Angeles in leopard-printed underwear, all for the music video for Noel Gallagher’s new single, ‘Everybody’s On the Run.’

Well, at long last, the finished product has been released!

So, what exactly happened to Barton’s clothes?

In the video, which you can check out above, the former star of The O.C. gets her dress caught in the door of a cab that Gallagher is driving. When Gallagher speeds off, the shocked starlet starts running after him through the streets, even though she is, you know, down to her underwear.

Meanwhile, as Barton finds herself chasing after her clothes, so does a man standing outside a hotel, after his shoes are lifted by a skateboarder.

Taking a cue from Barton, the unnamed man chases after his shoes. To his utter surprise (not to mention luck), he winds up falling in love with the actress after they bump into each other.

Apparently, losing clothes leads to finding true love!

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