Katy Perry on Religious Childhood: Deviled Eggs Were ‘Angel Eggs,’ No Smurfs and Her Sister’s Sin

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Katy Perry is an almost archetypal pop superstar — but growing up, she was just a sheltered California girl.

“My parents are traveling ministers, Pentecostal, born-again Christian,” the “Part of Me” singer said on Jimmy Kimmel Live. “[So] I was raised in church.”

With her religion came some heavy-duty restrictions.

“I wasn’t allowed to watch much TV and it was very censored,” Perry recalled.

“It was really strange. And get this, I wasn’t allowed to watch The Smurfs. And now I’m Smurfette. I really know how to stick it to ’em.”

Even her cuisine choices had to be church-conscious. “I wasn’t allowed to eat deviled eggs cause they were called deviled,” Perry said. “So I had to call them angel eggs before I put them in my mouth.”

Her “perfect and sweet” sister once even got booted from the family home for “one sin,” said Perry. “She’s like an angelic figure…[and] she’s sinned maybe once in her life. She stole like a bra and panty set from Macy’s… [it got]her kicked out and moved to Arizona.”

Even though Perry has left behind her born-again upbringing, she can still count her family members as fans. “They’ll all be here tomorrow [for my premiere],” Perry said. Even her 91-year-old grandma (who’s “full of sass”) will be in the house. “She doesn’t acknowledge I’m actually famous,” Perry added, but “she’s proud of me.”