Russell Brand, Prince William and David Beckham: Celebrities With Hairy Chests

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Shirtless Hugh
Hugh Jackman shows off his buff beach body!
Man-scaping (definition: shaving, waxing, cleaning up the superfluous fur) is on the rise, but Hollywood’s leading men seem split when it comes to the age-old question: wax, or not to wax?

Russell Brand, Prince Williamand Simon Cowell aren’t afraid of showing off their chest rugs, while on the other team, there are smooth star such as David Beckham, Mario Lopez and Ryan Gosling.

But what do women really want? Experts weigh in to Celebuzz!

“Personally, I like a guy with a hairy chest. It’s manly, it’s low maintenance, it’s soft, and it’s something to grab onto,” The FriskyEditor-in-Chief Amelia Parry said.

“I once got it on with a guy whose chest was all stubble-y and scratchy because he’d shaved it, and it was awful. I’m a fairly low-maintenance gal, and I’m into guys who exude the same relaxed vibe.”

But not everyone agrees on this hairy topic.

Loretta Wilson, owner of the Just for You Salon & Spa in Tempe, Ariz. firmly believes in a smooth ride.

“Women want their men waxed,” she told Celebuzz. “Chest hair is unacceptable. A guy with hair just looks like an ape.”

Celebuzz readers: Is chest hair grrr or ugh?  Vote in the poll above and click through the gallery to see the hairiest men in Hollywood.

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