Coco’s Thong Thursday: I Have Loads of Ladies Sending Me Pics Of Their Butts In Thongs (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Coco's Teeny Bikini
You can't wear less without it being illegal.
Coco Goes Wild!
Coco wears a zebra-print bikini.
Coco Austin has never been shy about flaunting her sexy curves and showing them off to her 736,00+ Twitter followers each week as part of her “Thong Thursdays.” Squatting into position and showing off her booty, the voluminous Ice Loves Coco star posts a new photo every day — even encouraging her followers to post their pics as well.

“I like to make it a little spicy and sexy, and wear no clothing,” Coco, 33, tells Celebuzz of her barely-there ensembles.

Although men may take a peek, Coco reveals most of her fans are actually women!

The blonde bombshell says women look up to her as a role model because she’s not afraid to show her curves. “I have a whole load of girls sending me [photos] of their butts in thongs,” she said of the social networking phenomenon. “They want me to approve.”

Her husband Ice-T, 54, who usually plays photographer for Coco’s sexy pics, reiterates: “The crazy thing is that 80-percent of her fans are women. The girls like it. The guys are like, ‘Okay, I’ve seen her, but that’s Ice’s wife.’ But the girls are there.”

It’s crazy, we’re in the airports and people you’d never think, like older ladies, are all like, ‘Thong Thursday!'”

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