Usher On Custody Battle: “A Father Is Important In A Child’s Life” (VIDEO)

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Papa Usher
The R&B star walks his sons in NYC.
Usher seems to have it all: the hit-making voice, the moves and a new No. 1 album, “Looking 4 Myself.” But in his personal life, Usher is still fighting for what he wants.

The prince of R&B is locked in a very public battle with ex-wife Tameka Foster for custody of their sons, Usher, 4, and Naviyd Ely, 3. Last month, cameras caught an emotional moment as the singer dissolved into tears during a court hearing.

“A lot of what happens behind the scenes is unfortunately newsworthy to the world,” Usher said. “But these issues are confidential and all about my passion and my steadfast belief that a father is important in a child’s life. To have the time that I’ve had with them has made them the young men that they are.”

And he hopes to be the father that he never had.

“I want to raise them to be responsible future adults,” Usher, 33, shared. “No one knows your child like you do. It’s taking the time to actively be there. It’s a day in, day out process. I’m actively doing it everyday that I possibly can.”

As his career continues to prosper, Usher is finding time to give back. More than a decade ago, the music maven founded a nonprofit called the New Look Foundation.

“Music is what I love to do, but this is my heart’s work. This is what truly makes a difference. Everybody has that story of someone that was able to influence them to make a difference in their life.”

And along with his musical influence, “this is what I love to be remembered for,” Usher said. “But being this type of mentor and being a positive influence to someone else, that’s making a difference.”