Paris Hilton’s Pets: Hotel Heiress Invites Celebuzz Into Her Home, Shows Off Menagerie (EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS)

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Paris Hilton is a lot of things — an heiress, a reality television star, fashion designer, business mogul and, most recently, a DJ — but at heart she is just an animal lover.

With a large menagerie, Hilton has her hands full.

With everything from a pig to a sugar glider and even a miniature pony, the 31-year-old has turned her multi-million dollar Mulholland Estate mansion in Sherman Oaks, Calif. into a modern day Noah’s Ark.

So why so many animals? Hilton went one-on-one with Celebuzz to talk about the pets she calls her “children”.

Celebuzz: Have you always loved animals or was it a recent phenomenon?

Paris Hilton: I have always been a huge animal lover ever since I was a little girl. My Dad grew up with tons of exotic pets, I get my love of animals from him.

CB: Tell us about your menagerie.

PH: I love my pets like they are my own children. They are all so special to me. I adopted a few of my dogs from an animal shelter, it feels so good to know I saved their lives. It breaks my heart every time I volunteer at the animal shelter, it is so sad how many animals they have to put down per day.

CB: Do you have a favorite pet — and why?

PH: I can’t pick a favorite pet, that is like picking a favorite child. They are my pride and joy, each of them for a different reason, so they are each special to me in their own way.

CB: Why do you have so many?

PH: If I could have more I would! I love animals and I think every animal deserves a good home. I am able to provide a good home for them with enough space to run around, take care all of them, and each can be spoiled equally. I think if anyone can have pets then they should. There are so many pets without homes, I just want to give a home to as many as I can!

CB: Is it tough to care for them all?

PH: It is tough but it is harder on me when I am traveling for business, because “caring” means also giving them your love and attention. I feel bad when I can only take one or two with me — I miss them so much when I am gone. But I make sure that they are always looked after 24 hours a day. So my pets never feel alone and are always happy.

CB: Your dogs live in a dog house, but it’s not like most kennels. Describe it?

PH: As I said, my pets are like my children, so they are very spoiled. I had a mini dog mansion built in my backyard, it looks like a replica of my house, but the mini version. It has electricity, lighting, heat and air conditioning. It’s two stories with a beautiful stair well with crown moldings and gorgeous furniture and even their own closet. It’s so cute. I love hanging out with them in there.

CB: Why a pig?

PH: I’ve had Princess Piglet for almost three years now. I always read about George Clooney loving his pet pig so much and what an amazing pet it was to him. Then my brother Barron bought one and I went and visited her and fell in love. So I just had to have one, they really do make great pets — they are very intelligent animals.

CB: Celebuzz heard you bought several feeder bunnies from a pet store after you found out that someone was going to be feed them to a snake. What happened?

PH: I was at a pet store and there were all these sweet little innocent bunnies in a cage and some random guy in the store was laughing about how he loves watching his snake eat them. So I went and bought every single one.

CB: On The Simple Life, you had Tinkerbell, the famous Chihuahua, as your constant companion. Where is she now?

PH: She lives with my mom part time, since I travel so much. Plus Tinks is very jealous of my other dogs. My mom spoils her so much and treats her like her baby.

CB: Do you plan on adding to your pet family in the future?

PH: I don’t know if I plan on it, but I am sure I will. Every time I visit the animal shelters, it is hard to not want to take some of them home.

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Check out the gallery of Paris Hilton’s pets. Which one would you like to take home?