‘X Factor’ Judge Demi Lovato Spits at Simon Cowell During Auditions (EXCLUSIVE & PHOTO)

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Playful, or spiteful?

During an audition Friday in Providence, R.I., The X Factor judge Demi Lovato asked executive producer Simon Cowell for one of his special British mints he had on the judges’ table.

Simon then gave 19-year-old Demi 12 mints at once saying, “Here you go, have 12. You need them.”

What happened next?

The hard-headed Lovato put all 12 mints in her mouth at once, according to an on set source who spoke to Celebuzz.

When it was her turn to give feedback to a contestant, the “Unbroken” singer opened her mouth and showed off in front of the cameras that she had all the mints in her mouth.

“Sorry I have like 12 mints in my mouth – here you go Simon,” she said, before proceeding to spit them all into her boss’ hand.

“Simon’s mouth just dropped,” the onlooker said.

“He didn’t know what to do with himself and held his hand up frozen with all the mints in his hand. He kept the mints in his hand until the judging was over and apologized to the contestant saying, ‘I’m must apologize for the ultimate brat sitting to my right.'”

As soon as the contestant left the stage, the 52-year-old straight-talking Brit gave Lovato a look of vengeance.

He then gave the mints to screaming teenage girls in the audience who had tears of joy and were “fighting over the mints like they were fly balls at a baseball game.”

Is this playful banter between the pair, or something more serious? Sound off, below.