‘Magic Mike’: Could Watching Stripper Movies Cause a Rift in Relationships? Expert Weighs In

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The tables have turned on the stripper debate. A stereotypical feud between couples usually plays out when a lady finds out her man has been ogling someone else’s body. With the release of Magic Mike, out now in theaters, it is the men who are the other side of the equation.

Regardless of the featured players, male or female, could films like Magic Mike be detrimental to couples by causing fights about what the other is watching? Celebuzz spoke to relationship expert and psychologist Rachel A. Sussman — who has been featured on the Today show and is the author ofThe Breakup Bible— to give us her view on Magic Mike, and strip clubs in general.

Her opinions may surprise you.

“I think it’s fun!” she says of the film.

That’s not all: Sussman says, “It’s perfectly okay — and even can be good for a relationship — when couples visit strip clubs together.”

“When couples share fun and sexy experiences together, it’s good for their relationship and good for their sex life,” Sussman explains.

She also believes that both men and women should enjoy the sensual side of entertainment, asking, “Why should men get to have all the fun? We girls like to let loose, too!”

And it looks like the ladies are definitely letting their hair down — Magic Mike will reportedly raked in $39 million by the end of its opening weekend.

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