Serena Williams Assures She and Sister Venus Will Be ‘Better Than Ever’ at Olympics 2012 (EXCLUSIVE)

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Serena's Bikini Bod
Serena Williams hits the surf.
After being sidelined for health conditions and ankle injuries, tennis pro Serena Williams is back holding court today at Wimbledon, and tells Celebuzz that she’s ready to prove she’s “better than ever.”

The 30-year-old athlete, who has the 2012 Olympics in London coming up as well, is ready to take on her competitors and “hopefully” have sister Venus Williams, 32, by her side.

“I feel good. I’m really excited and looking forward to going to London. Being a part of the Olympic team is cool. This is something every athlete looks forward to no matter what sport you’re in,” Serena told Celebuzz, adding that her sis should be there playing as well.

With the Williams sisters ruling the court, Serena reveals there is one major change since the duo last played together.

They’re going raw!

With Venus eating more raw foods to help her body cope with Sjogren’s syndrome, an autoimmune disease that can cause fatigue and joint pain, Serena has adopted the healthy lifestyle and isn’t turning back.

“Venus has some health problems and went on a vegan and raw diet, so she could have more energy. I’m supporting that really full force for her. We do that together because I live with her,” Serena said. “Like I can’t come home with fried chicken because she’d want some. That would be a huge stumbling block.”

Although the two are famous sports figures, Serena admits she’ll never get use to the attention she gets from paparazzi. “They get annoying, especially when you’re just hanging out in LA or New York. If you don’t look amazing, then every website is talking bad about you. This is why I live in Florida, so I don’t have to worry about that so much,” she said.

With an important year ahead of her — a “no time for vacations” — Serena knows there is one thing she can’t live without: sleep.

As part of a new venture to promote Sleep Sheets, which bills itself as a natural sleep aid, Serena admitted she’s had trouble sleeping for a long time — and it’d even affect her game.

“For years, I didn’t sleep enough or get enough sleep…. Now, I take the Sleep Sheets and I never feel groggy, which is good. I can’t put my tennis career on the line because I’m tired or sluggish, so that shouldn’t ever happen again,” she said.

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