‘Twilight: Breaking Dawn’s’ Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner Top List of Hollywood’s Highest-Paid Actors (PHOTOS)

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Twilight stars Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson have scored a coveted spot in Forbes’ annual list of Hollywood’s highest paid actors.

The duo’s earnings from the vampire franchise has landed the actors within the top 12, alongside elite A-listers like Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp, and Leonardo DiCaprio. Pattinson, 26, and Lautner, 20, are the two youngest actors to rank on the list this year, each raking in $26.5 million.

How did the Breaking Dawn men rank among their female co-stars?

As previously reported, Kristen Stewart, 22, beat out the likes of industry veterans Cameron Diaz, Julia Roberts and Sandra Bullock on Forbes’ list of Highest-Earning Female Actresses — earning $34.5 million.

According to the financial magazine Stewart had become “indispensable” as part of the Twilight saga and this, combined with her mega hit Snow White and the Huntsman.

The trio’s vampire franchise will come to an end, when Twilight, Breaking Dawn: Part 2, hits theaters on November 16.

The full list of the Highest Earning Actors and Actresses:

Forbes’ highest-paid actors in Hollywood

1. Tom Cruise, $75 million
2. Leonardo DiCaprio, $37 million
3. Adam Sandler, $37 million
4. Dwayne Johnson, $36 million
5. Ben Stiller, $33 million
6. Sacha Baron Cohen, $30 million
7. Johnny Depp , $30 million
8. Will Smith , $30 million
9. Mark Wahlberg, $27 million
10. Taylor Lautner, $26.5 million
11. Robert Pattinson, $26.5 million

Check out Forbes entire list of the Highest Paid Actresses below, and then, click the pics.

1. Kristen Stewart, $34.5 million
2. Cameron Diaz, $34 million
3. Sandra Bullock, $25 million
4. Angelina Jolie, $20 million
5. Charlize Theron, $18 million
6. Julia Roberts, $16 million
7. Sarah Jessica Parker, $15 million
8. Meryl Streep, $12 million
9. Kristen Wiig, $12 million
10. Jennifer Aniston, $11 million

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