Flashback Friday: Katy Perry Sings Gospel Song Under Name Katy Hudson (VIDEO)

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Style Squad: Katy Perry
How did the Style Squad rate Katy Perry's nude bodysuit?
Katy Perry is the female pop star of today’s generation.

Not only does her work receive the attention of tons of teeny boppers, but it gets nods from esteemed hip-hop artists like Kanye West and Snoop Dogg, who collaborated with the singing starlet to create radio hits like “E.T.” and “California Girls.”

And if that doesn’t show her reach, the 27-year-old artist, who is known for catchy tunes and crazy hair, steals the silver screen with her 3D concert documentary, Katy Perry: Part of Me, in theaters today.

But not many know that Katy was rocking audiences long before she was kissing girls.

The artist formally known as Katy Hudson was a gospel singer back in her hometown of Santa Barbara, California.

Raised by two pastors, Katy grew up singing in her parents’ church. Her powerful voice led her all the way to Nashville, where she signed with a label, and eventually released a Christian pop album at age 16.

More than a decade later, “Katy Hudson” is long gone, but her passion and personality live on in our favorite pop princess.

The quirky songstress stepped on the mainstream scene in 2008 with the controversial hit, “I Kissed A Girl”, that both surprised and entertained listeners everywhere. But despite the song’s silliness, Katy was serious about her music career.

“My success might seem sudden and I sometimes feel like an upstart, but I’ve worked hard for this. I’m still the new girl in school, but I’ll soon become your best friend,” Perry told the London Daily Mail in 2008.

And just as she predicted, the crowd loved her.

In honor of Katy’s new movie, Celebuzz is taking you back to the gospel days, long before the whipped cream bras, and showing you where the music icon got her start. Check out the clip of a teenage Katy singing “Search Me”.

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