ESPY Awards 2012: NY Giants’ Victor Cruz Says Rivalry With Jets Newbie Tim Tebow Will Be ‘Intense’ (VIDEO)

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New York Giants star Victor Cruz is ready for some Tebow time.

The 25-year-old wide receiver attended the ESPY Awards last night and told Celebuzz that having Tim Tebow play for the New York Jets will be “intense, to say the least.”

“Any time you bring a guy like Tebow into the New York area … it’s always fun,” Cruz said. “Especially in the newspapers and stuff like that, but we’ll see. We play them in the pre-season, so we’ll see what’s up. We’ll see how it goes.”

Cruz didn’t elaborate any further about the 24-year-old quarterback, but there was one celeb he couldn’t stop gushing over.

When Celebuzz asked who he thinks would be an ideal cover girl, Cruz named a very famous singer:

Rihanna. She’s my personal favorite. Her whole swagger. She’s just so edgy; she’s young and just kind of cares about herself.”

We also asked Cruz if he’d feel comfortable posing nude for ESPN magazine’s annual “Body Issue,” and he told us that not only is he more than willing, but he’d “love to do it.”

For more, watch the video above.