Comic-Con 2012: ‘True Blood’ Panel Highlights Cast’s Unexpected Talents, Reveals Spoilers (VIDEO)

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HBO’s True Blood creator Alan Ball and the cast descended on San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday to reveal some funny and sexy behind-the-scenes dish and a few spoilers for the remainder of Season 5.

But before the gab, Ball introduced a new preview reel to the audience loaded with fanged up scenes, Russell Edgington (Denis O’Hare) and, wait for it, Godric (Allan Hyde)! Plus, Bill (Stephen Moyer) glamours Sookie’s memories of him and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) from her, so that she can live as if she never met them. Good luck with that.

What talents did the cast reveal for the audience?

Of course, we know that Joe Manganiello proved he had the moves in stripper flick Magic Mike, but we would never turn down an encore performance. Rutina Wesley gets to hit the pole later this season and shows off her abilities for the audience. Even Ball got into the action. And Ryan Kwanten literally flipped for the audience: He crossed the stage doing a handstand!

Here’s what was revealed during the panel (which, by the way, ended in a standing ovation for Ball who’s handing over the showrunner reins next season).

Clearly, if you’re anti-spoiler, you should walk away now.

– Jason’s big parental issues. Recently, Jason learned that his parents weren’t killed in an accident, but by vampires. Ball says we’re definitely going to learn more about what happened and the affect their deaths had on Jason.

– The end of Sam and Luna? Sam Trammell stayed pretty tightlipped about whether Luna (Janina Gavankar) survives last episode’s shooting. But, he does say the fact that her daughter turns into a wolf carries ramifications.

– Moyer says that he was nervous about directing Episode 8, but Ball and the cast had nothing but praise for him. None of them, though, seemed especially enthusiastic about helming an episode themselves. Moyer teases that Trammell has a big job in the episode. Plus, he says that there’s a scene where everyone can have fun and do something they haven’t done before.

– Love explosion. Manganiello says he “eviscerates” one of the other cast members sexually. Woof! Ball adds that the freaky is definitely coming and will satisfy all tastes. Later, he says that there are at least three new romances this season.

– Will the show tackle the faerie war from Charlaine Harris’ books? It’s being considered for future seasons — Ball says he can see at least two, maybe three more seasons for the series.

– What to look forward to? The actors named their fave scene ever and Deborah Ann Woll says that hers goes down in Episode 10.

– What not to look forward to? Ball says that there’s currently no plan for weretiger Quinn, who figures prominently in the latter Harris books. Though, he does say that the new showrunner may change that.

Watch the intense preview video from the panel below.