Miley Cyrus: Better Off Blonde? Celebuzz Readers Weigh In

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Better Off Red?
Do these stars look better as redheads, or not?
Celebuzz readers have spoken, and most are in favor of Miley Cyrus‘ new blonde do’.

Going back to her Hannah Montana roots, the new blonde bride-to-be, 19, took to Twitter on July 14 to showcase her lighter locks.

“Now that I’m blonde I gotta give duck lips in every photo.”

Flooding our Facebook with thousands of reactions, Celebuzz readers shared their thoughts on Cyrus’ new look.

The mostly positive comments included:

Becky Hunter– I like it. It looks great on her.

CelebrityJabber– She would look good with green hair.

June Guyette– YAY,she would even be pretty in any color,she has a lovely Voice too!

Clay Krebsbach– Its good…maybe a lil more dumb.

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Ashley Armstrong– Yay. She’s hot 🙂

Orlane Slowinski– B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L ♥ Orlane Slowinski

Céline De Maere– YAY!

Michelle Neves– Yay! She can wear everything, she’s always Gorgeous (:

Barbiie Tekiila– Yay !!! She looks great

Tasnova Hossain– Yay real Hannah Montana =)

Iyanna Kirton– omg I barely saw the picture and thought it was Ashley Tisdale nice look Miley 🙂

Kelley Harmon– Love the hair hate the duckface

Kelly Brezinski – She is excalty what i hate ppl have brown or black hair then the change it to look blonde really its annoying and why am i saying that because im a true blonde.

Olivia Delgado– YAY on the hair, NAY on the ducklips. Seriously Miley?

What do you think? Do you think Miley’s is better off blonde? Join in on the discussion in the comments, and check out the gallery above.