Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow: Who Should He Date? Christian Dating Expert Plays Matchmaker

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Tim Tebow in Hwood!
Tim chats up mystery gal at Roosevelt Hotel
Tim Tebow has been linked to starlets like Taylor Swift and Dianna Agron, but the New York Jets star hasn’t thrown many successful passes: he’s still single. And that makes Celebuzz wonder, who’s the perfect girl for Tebow?

One thing’s for sure: she can’t use foul language. During a recent visit to a Beverly Hills salon, the famous Christian reportedly asked for “a woman to cut his hair who doesn’t curse.”

To help Tebow finally meet his match, Celebuzz reached out to Ashley Reccord, Christian community manager at the largest-growing online Christian Community,

Which ladies does she think could win Tebow’s heart?

Reccord’s first pick is 29-year-old track and field athlete Lolo Jones, who is expected to compete in this summer’s Olympics. During a recent interview on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Reccord notes, “Jones expressed interest in asking Tebow to go to a church with her because she’s had such a hard time finding a boyfriend.”

Another strong candidate: actress/musician/model Aly Michalka.

“Michalka has high morals and self-respect and began her career acting and performing music in local church productions,” Reccord says of the 23-year-old, a devoted Christian whose mother is a member of Christian music band JC.  “Her Christian values and morals would be a great fit for a relationship with Tim Tebow.”

But surely 24-year-old Tebow — who won an ESPY award last week for “Best Moment” in recognition of an 80-yard touchdown pass — is looking for more than just a woman who doesn’t use foul language. What exactly does he want?

According to Reccord, Tebow is most likely looking for a girlfriend who’s a supporter, counselor, role model, believer, and, of course, a practicing Christian.

“A strong Christian individual, such as Tim Tebow, looks for a mate who has similar faith and values,” she says. “It’s important to Christians that their mate shares the same beliefs because Christian individuals put God first in their lives and credit him for giving them the life they live, whether it be in the limelight or not.”

Who do you think Tim Tebow should date? Sound off in the comments!

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