‘The Glee Project’ Recap: Crazy Costumes and Continued Confidence Problems (VIDEO)

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You know what would make the perfect over-the-top story for an episode designed around “Theatricality?” A showmance. But with Charlie’s ousting last week, The Glee Project effectively lost their shot at that. Sure, there is still the subtle chemistry between Blake andNellie, but well, right now that’s just something for “read between the lines” shippers since they’re not actually hooking up.

Instead, “Theatricality” week finds its stride through its ridiculous parodying during the music video, rather than any unnecessarily dramatic diva moments from the contestants. And for that, we actually have to be thankful.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t yet watched “Theatricality.”

If anyone showed hints of being a diva (in all senses of the word) this week, it was Lily, who took control during the homework assignment of “I Hope I Get It” from A Chorus Line. An appropriate way to prove just how much she wants to win this show, though, right? At least she can own that she “embodies” the week’s theme…

The remaining eight contestants sang their hearts out for guest mentor Grant Gustin, who ends up picking on both Michaeland Nellie’s confidences (as usual) and ultimately selects Ali for the one-on-one session with him. It’s safe to say the excitement exhibited from learning he was the mentor this week may have been the true test of how theatrical these kids could be!

The actual music shoot was for the Pussycat Dolls’ “When I Grow Up” and featured each kid embodying the look and persona of a (in)famous icon in the music industry, from Lady Gaga to Boy George. And yes, Shanna, as Lady Gaga, had to wear the meat dress!

Before they could shoot, though, choreographer Zach Woodlee had to give the kids a lesson on sassy dancing. That’s not his term, nor is it a technical one in any way, but we think it is appropriate. Basically sassy dancing is when you’re making a bunch of gestures with a whole lot of attitude. It’s more about movements than, say, actual steps. It should be easy, but still Woodlee’s body language said it was received as anything but.

Also, studio time with Nikki Anders proved to be more of the same, as Michael stumbled. This time, though we got an extra few seconds of Abraham on-screen as she attempted to have a conversation about androgyny with him. But it just left everyone befuddled.

While the video itself was whatever the visual equivalent of a hair band would be, it’s always a good time to see impersonations. Michael still kind of played it safe as Elvis, despite finally nailing his part in only one take, while Blake really impressed with his range of subtle sexuality as Boy George… even if he looked like he was dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow.

Aylin still relied on her own sexuality, but considering she was “playing” Madonna, at least this time there was a reason for it. Though, there was no reason to see her brown roots under her eighties ponytail wig!

Nellie was still uncomfortable tapping into a sultry side as Britney Spears (though, was it us or did she more closely resemble Lindsay Lohan?); Lilystuck to her own sass for Cyndi Lauper; and Ali and Abrahamwere there, too, as Katy Perry and David Bowie, respectively. Though perhaps if they had switched parts, they would have been more memorable. As it was Abraham much more resembled Rufio from Hook in a way that kept taking us personally out of the assignment.

Tonight those who landed in the bottom three were Nellie, who was asked to sing Melissa Etheridge’s “I’m The Only One,” Lily, who took on Adele’s “Someone Like You,” and perhaps surprisingly, Abraham, who kept it current with Gym Class Heroes and Adam Levine’s “Stereo Hearts.”

Starting with Abraham, we have to admit we don’t get why Anders, and then Ryan Murphy, kept calling him androgynous. He has an asexual quality, maybe, but that is not the same thing as androgyny. We never questioned for a second that he was a male. But considering that is what we —and the show itself — chooses to focus on (rather than, you know, his talent), obviously there is some questioning about whether or not he can be a star.

Lily argued that Lauper wasn’t really a character she could play, and we’re worried about that because Lauper is anything but subtle! But Lily does have a pretty voice, even if she pales in comparison to the original — or even Amber Riley and Naya Rivera’s own Glee version.

No one wanted to keep telling Nellie she was sexy, but maybe when she eventually goes home and watches these episodes back, she’ll see that she was, even when she wasn’t feeling it. Her last chance performance tonight was a sensual plea, but it proved to not be enough as Murphy admitted he didn’t know what kind of role he could write for her. So ultimately he opted to send her home. Where we hope she will just start releasing music independently so we can have her on our iPods now.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Lily sasses the judges for putting her in the bottom three by implying her task of embodying Cyndi Lauper was unfair because she doesn’t think of Lauper as a pop icon. Seriously, kid?!?

Thank you, TV gods.: Sorry, Lily, but we were thrilled to see you get knocked down a peg for basically just being yourself week to week. Oh yeah, and for saying Cyndi Lauper isn’t a pop icon!

Awk-ward: Nikki asks Abraham if he’s androgynous when he sings, and his silence leads us to wonder if he knows what the word means.

Hotness: While so many others struggle with it, Blake owns his confidence by making a strong and smart acting choice to not go stereotypical with a character. This one has brawn and brains, you guys.

Fab-u-lous: It’s a toss-up this week between Ali’s sick, blue Katy Perry wig and Abraham’s “lost boy” style make-up to take on David Bowie.

Can. Not. Wait.: Will Michael’s new bromance with Blake help him finally find his confidence?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7
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Watch this week’s video below.

— Danielle Turchiano