Jane Lynch Goes Sue Sylvester on ‘The Glee Project’: ‘I Didn’t See A Young Darren Criss There’

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McKinley High had to say goodbye to Glee Club standouts Rachel Berry, Finn Hudson, Kurt Hummel and Santana Lopez.

And while we’ll still see the graduates on the hit Fox show, Glee’s fourth season will see new faces — many of which competed on The Glee Project for a seven-episode arc in the series.

But Jane Lynch — who stars as tough-talking cheerleader-coach Sue Sylvester — didn’t see any show-stopping talent coming out of the reality competition.

“I wasn’t 100% blown away,” the Emmy-winning actress confesses. While she thought contestant Lily Mae Harrington “was wonderful,” Lynch said, “I didn’t see a young Darren Criss there, but you never know.”

Apart from the new arrivals, Glee has plenty of plot-lines to flesh out when it returns this fall.

For instance, will Sue Sylvester change with motherhood?

“Sue Sylvester is always your worst enemy or your best advocate,” Lynch said of her harsh-but-lovable character. “She’s got a baby now, so she’s going to have someone she’s fighting for. It will probably bring out the worst and the best of her. So I’m looking forward to that.”

And while she preps to hit Glee‘s set in a few weeks, Lynch is promoting her latest passion project: the “Don’t Major in Debt” campaign.

“It’s the first of its kind,” she explained. “[It’s] an unbiased resource for kids and parents who are looking to get student loans and figure out a way to pay for that ever-more expensive college education.”

To achieve its mission, the campaign launched a brand-new website on July 17 that provides loan seekers with “resources so they can go into it wide-eyed, open-eyed and very clear on what will be expected of them when they graduated in terms of paying this loan back.”

“I’m really happy to be the face of it,” Lynch gushes. “I’m a banker’s daughter, so my father modeled really great financial behavior to me. I think [this website] is a long-needed resource and I’m really glad that it’s here.”

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