Anne Hathaway, Gwyneth Paltrow, Scarlett Johansson: Seductress to Superhero — 10 Sexy Women Who Have Suited Up (GALLERY)

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'Dark Knight Rises' Stills
Scenes from 'The Dark Knight Rises'.
News is stirring that Gwyneth Paltrow may be slipping into some pretty tight clothes soon..

Iron Man 3 is in the works and Paltrow could finally be getting her chance to rock one of those super sexy, form-fitting suits.  The 39-year-old actress and mother of two has been seen in skimpy wear for flicks, but never in a hardcore suit like Robert Downey Jr. dons for the film.

According to the comic book series, that’s the direction that Iron Man heads.

Jon Favreau, director of the first two in the series says, “We almost did it a few times; we talked about it a lot. I think we all share your enthusiasm for that, and we all want to see Gwyneth kick a little ass.”

But Paltrow isn’t the first female star to take a leap from her typical role to superhero status.

What other celebs have been suited up?

The Dark Knight Rises premiered on July 20, starring Anne Hathaway as the  mighty Catwoman.  Hathaway has been known to play more rom-com or dramatic roles — as seen in the popular films Devil Wears Prada or Love and Other Drugs.

She has come a long way since her awkward teen role in The Princess Diaries.

Alicia Silverstone is another stunner to surprise her fans.  Everyone knows the 35-year-old actress for her character Cher in the hit film Clueless, but she proved her versatility as an actress when she took on the role of Batgirl in 1997’s Batman and Robin.

Sarah Michelle Gellar may not have costumes like Catwoman or Jessica Alba‘s character in Fantastic Four, Sue Storm, but when she gears up in her Buffy costume, she puts her game face on and kicks some serious vampire butt.

These beauties, among other talented females in Hollywood, know how to take risks and transform their skills from playing the girl next door to the supernatural.

What other A-listers are up for the challenge?

Click through our gallery to see which ladies turn from seductress to superhero.

Watch our video below to learn more about Iron Man 3 starring Gwenyth Paltrow and Robert Downey Jr!

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