‘Dark Knight Rises’ Shooting Suspect James Holmes Masqueraded as The Joker

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James Holmes — the suspect apprehended for the mass shooting at a post-midnight Dark Knight Rises screening in Aurora, Colorado — brought to life Batman’s arch nemesis, according to New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly.

“We have some information, most of it is public. It clearly looks like a deranged individual,” Kelly said in a Friday afternoon press conference, which he held to announce increased security for showings of the Batman blockbuster in NYC, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

“He had his hair painted red; he said he was The Joker, obviously the enemy of Batman.”

The Joker is a well-known villain — famously portrayed by the late Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight — who terrorizes the fictional Batman world of Gotham City.

Do others corroborate Kelly’s claim?

The source of Kelly’s information is not clear. But Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates — allegedly a longtime close friend of the commissioner who admitted to discussing the case with Kelly — refused to address the gunman’s appearance in a local news conference.

Two federal law enforcement officials confirmed to ABC News the details of The Joker costume.

The sole suspected gunman, Holmes is now in custody after local police arrested him in the Century 16 movie theater’s parking lot.

The 24-year-old allegedly entered the theater through an emergency exit about half an hour into the local premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. He was heavily armed, toting an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun when he indiscriminately opened fired on a packed theater.

The movie massacre left at least 12 dead and 38 injured. The victims — ranging in age from 3 months old to 45 years — included U.S. military members. Holmes’ motive is still unknown.

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