‘Teen Wolf’ Sneak Peek: Is Allison Seeking Revenge or Retribution? (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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From being trapped in a hallucinatory house party to being trapped in the Sheriff’s station, MTV’s Teen Wolfis sticking with the trend of staying in one scary location for the majority of their episodes.

Next week is the Sheriff’s station as Scott (Tyler Posey), Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) and their parents are being held hostage in “Fury.” And Celebuzzhas an exclusive sneak peek at next Monday’s captivating episode.

Though Allison (Crystal M. Reed) and her trusty crossbow are heading their way, recent developments with her family may be weighing too heavily on her mind to see the bigger picture of the innocent humans who need help. Instead, she’s focused on tracking Derek (Tyler Hoechlin), who has also caught the scent of Scott in trouble (again).

With the return of Peter Hale’s power, though, Derek may be stripped of some of his own, leaving an opening for Allison to be the hero — or get her revenge.

Will the Sheriff’s station withstand an attack or end up just as demolished as the library?

In Celebuzz’s exclusive preview of “Fury,” Allison has a heart-to-heart with Grandpa Argent (Michael Hogan) in which he instructs her that the actions taken against the werewolves is up to her now. And her strong stance may surprise you, but it certainly solidifies herself as a new leader among the hunters.

Where will Allison as an enemy leave the leaders of the supernatural, though?

“I think Derek as a leader, in the beginning of the season, was a little in over his head,” Hoechlin admitted at San Diego Comic-Con, calling his leadership skills “flawed” and “cocky.”

“I think he’s going to need some help,” he goes on to say. “He’s definitely going to have to turn to some people that you would never expect him to turn to. He’s going to have to dig himself out of a hole.”

Though Derek has been training his new pack, and they survived their first full moon without major incident, they may have a long way to go to actually be that help. Scott, his former protégé, is one option for the werewolf who will soon have to lick his wounds and swallow his pride a bit.

“The fact that they have such different motives does put them in conflict,” Hoechlin explained the brotherly dynamic for Derek and Scott. “But it’s also at the same time [a point of] pride, and it’s his excitement at watching [Scott] come into his powers and learn how to control them. I think he ultimately believes that he and Scott could be allies — that they should be allies.”

And where you get Scott, you also get Stiles, so could the somewhat bumbling “every teenager” finally step up and show his worth once and for all? Already this season he has proven very useful in putting the pieces of the kanima puzzle together. And when Celebuzz also caught up with O’Brien at Comic-Con, he shared that Stiles would “never think twice” about helping his best bud out — but that recent events have made Stiles think twice about how his actions are affecting other people. How can those two concerns co-exist without Stiles snapping!?

“Ordinarily Stiles would never think twice about helping Scott and diving into a situation and taking the reigns, even if it means he’s in danger. It’s just his instinct… He’d never not be there for Scott; they’re brothers, essentially,” O’Brien said.

“[But his] dad loses his job, and I think that’s the first moment where he thinks about it, and he mulls over not only how often he’s getting himself in trouble, but now he’s also screwing over the one family member he has in his life. Other than Scott, the most important person to him [is his dad]. I think that will make Stiles question whether or not he can continue to help out.”

The bottom line is, if Scott can’t get things under control in “Fury” for fear of revealing what he truly is to everyone, then it really may be up to Allison to push past her personal pain and maturely put everyone else’s wellbeing first.

Watch our exclusive sneak peek above.

Teen Wolf airs Mondays on at 10 PM on MTV.

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