Bachelor Pad’ Recap: Double-Trouble for Twins Erica and Brittany

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Things got a very weird on Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor Pad, beginning with one of multiple fights between twins and Super Fans Erica and Brittany that would ultimately lead to their downfall.

The contents of the fight are a little unclear, though it was apparently prompted after one of the twins called the other twin a “slut” four times. Naturally, tears were shed and words were had, even though nobody quite knew what the heck was going on. (“I don’t even know who’s who,” Jaclyn quipped, brilliantly.)

Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched this week’s episode of Bachelor Pad.

After Erica and Brittany (somehow) resolved their fight, the show was able to jump right into the next weird portion of the episode: a rhythmic gymnastics competition, which forced the men and women to strip down to leotards and perform before judges Bachelorette couple Ashley and JP and Olympic gymnast Tasha Schwikert.

Performing well in the competition were Michael and Blakeley, who were each given a rose and the chance to take three people out on a romantic date. Ed and Erica R., meanwhile, finished last (or “worst”), and were given a strike against them heading into this week’s eliminations.

Things got even weirder — or should we say, shadier? — on Michael’s date, when he took Rachel, Lindzi and Super Fan Donna to a concert performance by Adelitas Way. This, of course, came directly after Michael promised Erica R. that he had her back. Ouch.

If that wasn’t shady enough, Michael quickly put the moves on Rachel after dancing with Donna, then went ahead and put the moves on Donna, anyway, as some sort of thank you for coming out on the date.

Naturally, this made the love-struck Donna think she was getting a rose (“This is the best date I will ever be on in my life,” she told cameras), which made things pretty awkward when Michael gave the rose to Rachel, instead.

A similar incident happened back at the mansion, between Chris, Jamie and Blakeley.

Trying to play the game as swiftly as he could, Chris decided to make out with Jamie on the patio, right before he got into bed with Blakeley moments later. A heartbroken Jamie discovered the duo in her bedroom, and was forced to sleep above them, on the top bunk. (We warned you Monday’s episode was going to be weird.)

The next morning, it was time for Blakeley’s date, which involved bringing Chris, Ed and Super Fan Dave out to a soapbox derby. Dave put up a good fight in an attempt to win Blakeley’s rose. But by then, the fans already knew that Blakeley’s lip-locking partner, Chris, was going to be saved.

Then it was time for eliminations, which, for better or worse, were proceeded by another fight between the Twins. This time, the fight got so bad, so confusing, the cry-happy blondes removed themselves from the competition, effectively saving the rest of the women in the house from elimination.

That meant only one guy would be eliminated that night. Contestant Reid was hoping it would be Ed; however, the dubious honor wound up going to Ryan, instead, who earlier in the episode tried to split up Jamie and Chris.


What did you think of Monday night’s episode? Should the Twins have eliminated themselves? And should Ryan have been sent home? Sound off in the comments, below!

Buzz Moments

Special Delivery: Upon seeing the men arrive in their leotards, Sarah said pretty much what everyone else was thinking: “My eyes went straight to their package.”

Assume the Position: Clearly the MVP of the episode, Sarah also critiqued the performance by the professional rhythmic gymnastics like no one else could. “They’re doing positions that I could never do in the bedroom if I wanted to,” she said.

Tied Up: The aforementioned Donna had her sights set on Michael as soon as she saw what he could do with a ribbon. “If Michael would tie me up with his ribbons, and just dance around me, that would be amazing,” she said, eloquently.

Bad Service: Clearly upset that Chris was also after Blakeley, Jamie fired an insult to the cameras, describing Blakeley as a “VIP cocktail waitress”