‘Total Recall’ Star Colin Farrell: Why Remaking This ’90s Classic Made Me Question Myself

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Colin Farrell films 'Total Recall.'
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Colin Farrell steps into the mighty big shoes of Arnold Schwarzenegger in the upcoming Total Recall, a remake of the 1990 sci-fi classic.

“I remember all of his films growing up from Commando to Red Heat, Terminators, Running Man — and Predator, which still stands to this day as one of the great action films,” Farrell told Celebuzz.

“So I had an idea of what I was getting into.”

However, the 36-year-old admitted the film did make him question himself.

What was it about the sci-fi flick that caused  Farrell to re-examine his life?

In the new movie, which hits theaters August 3, the actor plays an everyman who longs for adventure in a futuristic dystopia.

Undergoing a procedure that implants him with memories of experiences he’s never had, Farrell turns from a regular guy to a double agent intent on stopping Bryan Cranston‘s murderous character, Cohaagen.

One of the reasons Farrell wanted to make Total Recall is his character’s search for meaning in life, a pursuit the actor finds himself grappling with on a regular basis.

“All of us are daily looking for meaning in our lives,” he said.

“You’re looking for where you sit in the grand scheme of things. There was plenty of existential questions I could afford myself as an actor approaching the material.”

Married twice and the father of two, Farrell tore a path of babes and booze through Hollywood over the past 10 years — but not anymore.

After overcoming a dependence on pain killers in 2005 and kicking cigarettes in 2010, Farrell now divides his time between work and parenting.

“I think anything that is external of ourselves and is used to experience an escape from where we find ourselves in our lives at any time, there’s usually some catch inherent in something like that, whether it’s booze or drugs,” Farrell offered, based on his experience.

These days, the actor has found a better high hitting the gym and spending time with Henry, his son with ex-wife Alicja Bachleda-Curu?.

“There’s so many ways, as human beings, to experience ourselves,” said Farrell.

“It’s kind of really incredible — and sometimes it’s really painful and sometimes it’s really joyous. Sometimes it feels unfortunate and sometimes it feels blessed.”

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