Can Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson’s Relationship Survive the Cheating Scandal? Experts Weigh In (ANALYSIS)

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Robert Pattinson is nursing a broken heart after girlfriend of three years Kristen Stewart admitted to an affair with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders.

Following Stewart’s heartfelt public apology, Pattinson packed up and moved out of the $6 million Los Feliz, Calif., home the Twilight couple shared. As the controversial scandal played out in the media, Pattinson sought privacy by retreating to his Water for Elephant costar Reese Witherspoon‘s seven-acre Ojai ranch.

Meanwhile, Stewart holed up in her parents’ six-bedroom home in Woodland Hills. Her parents, John Stewart Jules Mann-Stewart, “feel Kristen has really embarrassed herself and don’t blame Rob for not calling her back,” a source told Us Weekly. “This is not the Kristen they know.”

After disregarding Stewart’s teary texts and contrite calls since news of the affair broke, Pattinson finally reopened the doors of communication with his cheating girlfriend.

Now that the embattled couple are on speaking terms, can then begin to mend their marred relationship?

“If Kristen and Rob are talking, this could be a step on the road to repair,” Wendy Walsh, an expert for, told Celebuzz.

But infidelity is never easy to overcome, especially because such transgressions are often a sign of deeper troubles in the relationship.

“Sometimes an affair can be a giant wake-up call that signals a relationship is in crisis,” explains Walsh. “Remember, an affair is usually a symptom of a bigger problem.”

But the young couple can rebuild what Stewart’s cheating has broken — though it’s anything but easy. “I must warn them, this will be a prickly path,” Walsh said. “Repair involves expressing tender feelings of shame and guilt and working to understand what went wrong in the relationship. And ultimately, forgiveness is key.”

Should Stewart and Pattinson try to mend their romance, they will have their work cut out for them, says relationship expert April Beyer. “I would advise them not to live together…and not to expect trust right away. She will need to be patient with him during this process and go out of her way to make him feel safe and comfortable with her again. They should start courting and dating again. Start fresh and rebuild.”

But in order to do that, Stewart and Pattinson have to be on the same page. “Both people in the relationship must be fully committed to repairing the relationship,” said Dr. Patty Ann. “In order for the repair and healing to take place, trust must be re-built”

And in the end it boils down to forgiveness. “Kristen and Robert can move forward if they are both willing to forgive each other,” said Dr. Patty Ann. “Kristen must build trust and Robert must have this verified. After this has been done over time, the couple must…truly let the affair go and move on. Rebuilding trust takes time and sometimes painful questions are asked and must be answered, by both partners.”

Making amends may even require some admission of guilt from Pattinson. “It is necessary for a couple who has experienced cheating, that both partners in the relationship acknowledge some role, however minor that role might be, in the affair,” adds DDr. Patty Ann. “After the initial shock and hurt of the infidelity wears off, the victim can usually recognize that things were not right in the relationship and that they may have denied or avoided issues that may have contributed to the affair.”

But if broken-hearted Pattinson can’t see past this Stewart’s indiscretion, Robsten’s future seems dim. “There is always hope when two people actually want to work things out, but it does take two,” explains Beyer. “You have to want to forgive and the relationship must be more important that damaged feelings.”

But, if that’s not the case, “it still never hurts to have a conversation,” said Beyer. “They’ll both need some closure and discussion. It never serves anyone to simply disappear with hurt feelings.”

Do you think Robsten can make it work? State your case in the comments, below.

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