Flashback Friday: ‘90210’ Stars Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris Reunite for Old Navy Commercial (VIDEO)

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Bikini Time on '90210'
AnnaLynne McCord films in sexy swimsuit.
The summer may not be over yet, but in the fashion world, the Fall shopping season is already upon us.

And leave it to Old Navy to have the most fall-inspired, star-studded commercial around.

In a brand new back-to-school commercial, the brand, known for its clever commercials and celeb appearances, parodies the ’90s favorite high-school melodrama, Beverly Hills 90210.

The ad features two of the shows most notable stars, Jason Priestley and Gabrielle Carteris, though most teens from the ’90s would know them better as Brandon and Andrea.

Although Priestley once told Access Hollywood, “I think Brandon did his time,” in response to whether or not he would return for the show’s 2008 spin-off, he is certainly reprising the role — if just for a minute — in the new commercial.

More than a decade after the show’s end, it’s great to see that the natural order of things is upheld. Brandon is just as hunky as ever, and Andrea remains pining over her eternally unrequited love.

After seeing Brandon and Andrea all grown up, we just had to dig back into the archives of our guiltiest TV pleasure and relive the torture of Brandon and Andrea’s will they or wont they relationship.

In this classic encounter, Brandon and Andrea discuss their almost being a couple, before Andrea quickly falls back into the friend zone.

Watch the clip below for a little bit of nostalgia on this summer Friday.

In March, Old Navy company also reunited Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence from the 90’s hit Blossom to promote their spring line “Old Navy Bee Bots”.