‘Teen Wolf’ Preview: The ‘Battlefield’ Turns Bloody (VIDEO, POLL)

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Was it just us or did Scott’s mom (Melissa Ponzio) shrink away in disappointment — not quite the shock and fear — one might expect when learning your only son is a werewolf? MTV’s Teen Wolf universe is crawling with so many creepy creatures, could it be that Melissa is as in-the-know as the Argents, just chooses to co-exist peacefully, the way you might expect a nurse to do?

But now that the secret about her son is out, things are bound to be different. It’s just too bad Scott (Tyler Posey) won’t have time to deal with repairing his female relationships right now, as Gerard (Michael Hogan) has a new task for him: deliver Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) to the hunters or else he will have Jackson (Colton Haynes) kill someone.

Clearly someone won’t make it off Teen Wolf’s “Battlefield,” but who will it be?

“Battlefield” is the second to last episode of Teen Wolf’s second season, and the lines are not as clearly drawn as one might think. With Scott knowing Allison (Crystal M. Reed) is capable of coming for him, his focus of protection may be shifted, leaving those he cares about vulnerable.

We all know Gerard’s hit list can include anyone who doesn’t share his bloodline, and Scott, thus far, has been such an earnest kid, he should come to all their rescues. But what happens if Gerard’s medical condition flares up? Will Jackson as the kanima feel that pain, the way he felt Matt’s (Stephen Lunsford) fear of water, making him a potential victim, too?

Perhaps the big bad here never was the kanima, or even the person controlling it, but specifically Gerard, this season’s wild card.

Who won’t survive ‘Teen Wolf’s’ “Battlefield?”
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Teen Wolf airs Mondays at 10 PM on MTV.

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