101 Hot Bodies: ‘Fast and Furious’ Star Michelle Rodriguez Reveals Favorite Detox Diet — Liver & Gallbladder Cleanse (EXCLUSIVE)

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Having made a career out of playing intense roles in such action movies as Battle Los Angeles, Machete, Fast and the Furious and Avatar, keeping in shape is vital for actress Michelle Rodriguez.

But just how does she do it?

Celebuzz caught up with the 34-year-old beauty — who ranked no. 91 on our 101 Hot Bodies countdown — to get the full scoop on how she’s been able to stay in such great shape all this time.

After the jump, read our exclusive interview with Rodriguez, in which she reveals what she eats for breakfast, how she learned to make fajitas and tacos with Robert Rodriguez and what it was like for her to take a master cleanse. (Hint: It sucked!)

Celebuzz: What would be your ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner?
Michelle Rodriguez: I don’t like to eat breakfast too much, but if I do it’ll be, like, boiled eggs and toast with jelly and lots of jam. For lunch, I I like to keep it light — like tuna, salads. For dinner, fish tacos are a favorite. [In Machete] I was working at a taco truck and Robert Rodriguez actually made me learn how to make fajitas and tacos. That’s what my training was for Machete. Isn’t that great?

Celebuzz: Have you ever tried any cleanses?
MR: I tried the master cleans and it sucked.

Celebuzz: Why is that?
MR: I mean, all my friends are eating, and I’m not. Then everybody invites you out, they’re like, “Oh Michelle, are you in town? Let’s have lunch.” It does help clean you out though. I think the best cleanse I’ve ever done is the liver gallbladder cleanse; it’s like olive oil straight up. Three days straight, three times a day with lemon. It will mess you up. Let me tell you something, you will be clean! Your kidneys will be, like, kidney stone-less.

Celebuzz: You said you might want to break out from action roles; what kind of roles are you envisioning when you think about something like that?

MR: If I do branch out of action, I would love for it to be the realm of comedy. I think it would be awesome. It’d be so much fun.

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