Jennifer Aniston’s 5 Most Memorable Romantic TV Moments: Ross and Rachel’s First Kiss, Vegas Wedding and More (VIDEOS)

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Long before her romance with new fiance Justin Theroux began, Jennifer Aniston was one-half of TV’s most famous couple: Ross and Rachel.

On NBC’s hit sitcom Friends, Rachel may have been blessed with great hair, but she was less-than-successful in her quest for a happily ever after. However, it wasn’t for lack of effort. Rachel and Ross’ “will they/won’t they?” relationship spanned 10 seasons, sparked an “18-page letter (front and back!)” and kept fans waiting for that moment until the very last minute.

Hopefully, Jennifer and her “lobster” Justin will have a less dramatic road to the aisle.

What are some the most memorable Ross and Rachel scenes? Watch Celebuzz’s top five picks after the jump. 

1. The first kiss

Ross (David Schwimmer) may have been in love with Rachel since high school, but she was initially oblivious to his pining. Of course, you always want what you can’t have, so when Ross starts going out with Julie, Rachel realizes how much she truly cares for the elder Geller. One drunken voice message later and the two share their very first kiss — appropriately, at Central Perk.

2. You’re my lobster

Shortly after their first kiss, Rachel breaks things off with Ross after discovering his infamous pros and cons list. However, when Rachel and Monica decide to watch an old prom video — in which Ross rescues Rachel from total high school embarrassment when her prom date stands her up — Rachel realizes that Ross is her “lobster” and kisses him. Thanks to Phoebe, the mating habits of lobsters will forever be imprinted into pop culture.

3. Ross’ wedding

Rachel finally realizes that she’s in love with Ross, but there’s just one problem: Ross is getting married to Emily. So in a last-minute effort to tell Ross how she truly feels, Rachel flies to London. However, she just can’t go through with telling Ross that she loves him. Thankfully, Ross’ subconscience did the job for her. At the alter, Ross “accidentally” says I do to “Rachel” instead of “Emily.” A Freudian slip has never sounded so sweet.

4. The world’s worst hangover

Who said Vegas weddings can’t be romantic? Sure, Ross and Rachel’s drunken nuptials might not have had a fairy tale ending, but at least for a few short episodes, fans were treated to a glimpse of “Mrs. Ross and Mr. Rachel.” Despite ending in divorce, Rachel ultimately reveals that the pair’s Vegas marriage was her idea in the first place.

5. “I got off the plane.”

After 10 seasons of romantic angst, Ross and Rachel finally got their happily ever after in the series finale. Rachel accepts a job in Paris, prompting Ross to tell her how much he loves her. After proclaiming his love in an airport, Rachel boards the plane anyway, leaving poor Ross heartbroken. That is, until he gets a surprise visit from Rachel, whose five simple words — “I got off the plane” — turned into a pivotal moment for any Ross and Rachel shipper.

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