‘Teen Wolf’ Season Finale Recap: Transformations Abound and New Werewolves in Town

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The sad — and scary — hour is finally upon us. Teen Wolf has come to a close for yet another season with a finale episode that didn’t quite result in the death Jeff Davis promised, but instead delivered some new werewolves in town, and ripped our hearts out not once but twice because of evolving character relationships.

And the overall theme? Everyone was just trying to make their father figures proud — and you know what happens when you choose your actions based on what someone else may want you to do, right? You overlook what’s really important, and people get hurt.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen “Master Plan” yet.

“Master Plan” kicked off right after the (seemingly) deadly lacrosse game, and we got our answers pretty quickly about whether or not Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) gouges were fatal and just where Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) ended up after the lights went out.

Much to our surprise and dismay, respectively, Jackson was still kicking on the morgue table, scaring Isaac (Daniel Sharman), Melissa (Melissa Ponzio), and Scott (Tyler Posey) alike. In fact, Scott was so concerned about the kanima that he had his mommy try to zip him (it?) up in the body bag. Come on, man; you’re a werewolf; sack up!

The kanima’s power proved to be greater than even Jackson could have imagined, though, because instead of dying — and taking the host body along with it — it soon began to heal bigger and better. In fact, if all went according to plan, Jackson was supposed to gain the ability to fly. We can’t make this stuff up, folks! But Lydia (Holland Roden) intervened — she was the only one who seemed upset about his “death” anyway, and that includes his adoptive parents in the consideration — and she managed to get through to the humanity in him once again. Who said high school relationships are superficial!? Haynes has never been better than right here tonight when he channeled vulnerability instead of shaking rage.

Unfortunately, it seems that soft side to Jackson will prove to be short lived, as Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) attacked him once again during a pretty epic showdown between werewolves, hunters, and the kanima (while Peter Hale just stood around and watched). Rather than finally paying off the dying promise, Jackson emerged a shiny, new (naked) werewolf, with bright blue eyes. What does that all mean!? And will he finally be happy now that he got what he wanted from Season 1, or will he have second thoughts about being supernatural at all?

Stiles was revealed to be down in the Argents’ basement with Boyd (Sinqua Walls) and Erica (Gage Golightly), watched over by Gerard (Michael Hogan) and Allison (Crystal M. Reed) who were going to use him to get to Scott. Stiles held it together better than we may have expected. Though, knowing his “stench” would be enough for his friend to track him, he stared Gerard down better than the werewolf cubs who cowered behind him. Sadly, though, Stiles’ attempted appeal to Lydia, who was hell-bent on saving Jackson even if it meant throwing herself in harm’s way, didn’t go as well. His plea to her and then his heart-to-heart with his dad was one of O’Brien’s shining moments, too. In a show as full as testosterone as Teen Wolf, it’s the sensitive sides to these guys that really stand out.

And Gerard had a dastardlier plan up his sleeve. It appeared the pills he has been popping ever since he got to town were to treat his cancer, but he found a better cure in Derek deciding to become a supernatural being in order to stay alive as long as possible. That’s pretty greedy, right? Especially considering tonight he proved his willingness to sacrifice the rest of his family for his own life.

But Scott had his own plan. It turned out his heightened sense of smell allowed his smarts to finally kick in, and he switched out Gerard’s pills with mountain ash, which a supernatural being cannot ingest without terrible consequences. The sheer amount Gerard took in should have had him keeling over immediately after the bite, but instead, just like Jackson before him when getting bit by a werewolf, he began to ooze black sludge from his orifices, his body rejecting the transformation.

When all was said and done, the only real deaths in “Master Plan” was that of Scott and Allison’s relationship as Allison couldn’t quite forgive what she had done (though he, of course, believed fate would have them finding their way back to each other), and that of Derek’s reign of power, as he returned home to see an insignia of a whole Alpha pack on his door. With his pack disassembled (Boyd and Erica quite literally surrounded in the woods and Peter letting Isaac in on the truth about too late), he better hope for a lot of new castmembers to bite next year!

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Who would have guessed that it would be Lydia — not Jackson’s birth parents — that ended up validating him enough to “save” him?

Thank you, TV gods: Maybe it’s just us, but we’ve been clamoring for the hunters and the werewolves to see the bigger threat at stake and withdraw their claws (metaphorically anyway) against each other for the short-term, and tonight that wish finally came true.

Awk-ward: There must be a quota for using the parents of Beacon Hills. How else do you explain Scott needing his mommy’s help with Jackson in the morgue?

Hotness: Jackson’s transformation to werewolf took place bathed in headlights. It may not be as romantic as the moon, but the light still bounced off all the right muscles.

Fab-u-lous: The final shot of the episode was not one of an epic cliffhanger but just a sweet, sentimental callback to the pilot, as Scott and Stiles took to the lacrosse field to just be normal boys for a few minutes. If this was the series finale, it would be more poignant, but it was a “pretty” moment nonetheless.

Can. Not. Wait.: Um, so when exactly does Season 3 start? Because we need more, like, right now!

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 9

What was your favorite reveal in the Teen Wolf finale, and which do you think was the most shocking? Tell us in the comments below!

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